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Sky Shredder is a top-down arcade spaceship shoot 'em up game for iOS and Android.  The player switches between four powerfully armed ships that shoot, boost and dodge through sci-fi battlefields to take on swarms of enemies, overcome massive bosses and progress through a solar system of 16 levels.  Each ship has a variety of two unique weapons and is customizable as the player levels up.

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Sky Shredder
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Spaceship Landing on Earth


• Weave through a dynamic environment • Scroll from one side to the other • Activate jet particles with thrust • Break down asteroids and enemies • Create different explosion effects • Block incoming projectiles • Be a master of close calls • Bounce off asteroids • Save up to ten high scores • Scatter asteroids across the play area • Face off with drones patrolling the battlefield • Take down ominous form-changing death stars

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